#Youth Can Do It 2020

Kolau's Mission
The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that the global youth unemployment rate is expected to reach 13.1% in 2016 and 2017 while spiking up to 60% in many countries, drastically affecting both developing and emerging economies alike. Imagine the difference reliable employment would make for the estimated 71 million unemployed youth worldwide. Imagine the positive impact employment would have on their communities and families. The challenge, however, cannot be underestimated, as multiple factors drive the unemployment metrics, leading to intricate complexities in solving this global problem.

There is, however, one solution that can mitigate this trend, and the answer lies within contemporary technologies. Acquiring the skills necessary to partake in the modern technology era increases the likelihood of employment exponentially, given the global scope of the industries involved. More specifically, programming capabilities open a new frontier for youth worldwide, and this is the motivation behind Kolau’s #Youth Can Do It 2020 initiative: to lead an international enterprise geared towards providing one million unemployed youth with the programming skills required to succeed in this age of evolving technology.

Kolau's Initativies
In order for Kolau to succeed at this #Youth Can Do It 2020 initiative, we rely on the necessary cooperation of local, regional and national governments, without which we would be unable to implement the required coursework and remote assistance. There are two programs available, which are selected dependent on the number of unemployed youth in each jurisdiction and each government’s agreement to ensure the program is successful and meets the needs of its participants.

Week-long Program

This program is aimed at providing an intensive one-week program to introduce coding, one client-side and one server-side programming language, to a group of 100+ unemployed youth who have been selected previously by the local, regional or national government. Kolau heads the instruction and assistance, while government authorities control the logistics and computer devices. As this program is implemented in-person, generally it will take place in a large metropolitan area for ease in allowing the maximum number of youth to attend. The program usually extends through 12 hours daily.

Six-month Program

This program is aimed at providing six months of instruction and assistance to a cohort group of usually fewer than 100 participants to ensure the government authority is able to provide adequate logistics, computers and other required devices, although there is no limit on the number of attendees. Kolau, alongside its partners in this endeavor, provides a curriculum, instruction and remote assistance that are complemented by the resources provided. Kolau's partnerships with other companies and programmists make it possible for this effort to be implemented anywhere, at any time, for as many unemployed youth as needed.

How to Join?
Currently, we are establishing connections with government authorities to resume the program in 2021-2023. We encourage you to write to your government representatives and ask them to participate. For any questions, you can reach us at youthcandoit2020@kolau.com