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How Kolau Works?

How Google Ads Works?

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"Kolau has been the exact solution I needed for my internet advertising. Kolau’s software has significantly increased my presence on Google searches, and has caused potential client inquiries to skyrocket for my law practice. Kolau has also been a pleasure to deal with!"

Jeffrey A. Feldman, Founder of The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Feldman

"Kolau is great for my business. Ranking on the 1st page of Google has been much easier than expected after following the easy-to-implement tips to optimize my website. Also, it took just 10 minutes to create an AdWords campaign that Kolau is optimizing automatically. I have seen a nice spike in volume in new patients after using Kolau. Very pleased!"

Dr. David E. Goodman, MD, Sunday Medical Clinic

"Best AdWords Management tool! Kolau pauses poor performing ads and optimizes keyword bids several times per day resulting in cheaper clicks and more leads for our budget. Oh, and It is also the only AdWords management tool that is easy, very easy to use. Kolau has saved us money and time!"

Galen Workman, Director of Marketing at Sterck Kulik O’Neill Accounting Group

"I created a Google AdWords account and campaigns in less than 10 minutes with Kolau. It was so fast, simple and fun! Kolau is optimizing the campaigns automatically so I can continue managing my business while Kolau takes care of bringing more leads to it!"

Dr. Devon Vernetti, Acupuncture by Devon. 2016 Best Acupuncturist of San Diego Award

"After having connected my Google AdWords account for just a week, the number of leads have increased exponentially! Kolau optimizes the campaigns automatically so not only do I get more leads, I also pay less for them than I used to. Thanks Kolau!"

Xema Solé Solá, TV Magician and Comedian

"The Google AdWords campaigns are very successful, and the high number of conversions has exceeded all my expectations. Kolau optimizes the AdWords campaigns automatically and the improvement has been almost immediate, gaining more leads and customers while spending less for them. I am very satisfied with Kolau!"

Mauricio González, CEO SEO Asturias

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