Sawtooth Roofing | Portland, OR


Over 25 years serving the community with transparency, honesty and hard work. Sawtooth Roofing has become the roofing repair leader in the greater Portland, OR metro area. Kolau has been with them since 2016 helping them increase their market share and consolidate.

Bye-bye Agency ... Hello Kolau

Bye-bye agency.

Sawtooth Roofing was paying more than it was getting back - something very common when Small Businesses hire agencies to manage their Google AdWords campaigns. The negative return on investment led them to seek new ways to advertise. The new way would need to enable them regain control of their online presence and be more cost-effective.

Hello Kolau.

Sawtooth Roofing decided to sign up for Kolau, given its Google Partner status and because Kolau enabled them to be in control thanks to its optimization engines that run 24/7.

AdWords Optimization Engines

Sound structure.

Upon signing up, Kolau's optimization engines sent Sawtooth Roofing easy-to-implement suggestions to make few changes to their AdWords account. Not only were they easy to do, the process was also very quick, taking just few minutes.

Optimization engines that work.

Kolau's optimization engines adjust the AdWords campaigns 24/7 so they yield better results for less. From allocating the budget on a daily basis, to adjusting bids on keywords, devices.. Kolau's engines had their back.

Leadership and consolidation


Kolau's optimization engines succeeded in generating an increased number of web visits, phone calls and customers while lowering the cost per acquisition. This helped the business grow and become the #1 Roofing repair service in Portland, OR.


Kolau's optimization engines managed to keep optimizing the business' Google AdWords campaigns, lowering their cost, while incresing the return on investment.

With Kolau Small Business gain more from Google Ads while paying less. Kolau’s optimization engines enable advertisers to remain in full control of their account while Kolau automates their Google Ads account 24/7. Gain more and spend less. Let’s go!