About Us
Aloha! Kolau is a Hawaiian-inspired Marketing company that allows small businesses to be in control of their online presence, ranking higher in Google, and doing it all by themselves. Kolau is headquartered in Vancouver, WA and San Francisco, CA and its 20+ team is fully distributed, working wherever we decide to call home. Welcome to the Small Business revolution, welcome to Kolau!
Kolau's Mission
No marketing knowledge, no time, no money needed to rank high in the search results and thrive. This is Kolau's mission statement. Very simple yet equally powerful. Now, any business can own their online presence, gain visibility and rank up in the search results without relying on third party agencies. Join the small business revolution, join Kolau!
Kolau's Vision
As marketers we have witnessed how many small businesses lose control of their online presence due to three barriers - expertise, time or money. They have become a wall too high to overcome, needing to rely on third party agencies who often limit the communication with their customers so they don’t learn and end up doing it by themselves. The system is broken, Kolau is the solution. The small business revolution has arrived. Now, regardless of expertise, time and money, anybody can rank up in Google, be found online and thrive. Kolau is here to make this happen. Aloha! Shall we start?